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The Nike Dunk - an Overview
One of the most popular line of sneakers within the Nike brand is called the Nike Dunk, these shoes were introduced to the market back in 1985, they were available in many colors and styles as well, they featured a high top or low top and were for the most part intended to be used by college and university basketball players.

As time went by the Nike Dunk went through an evolution stage and became more than a basketball sneaker, he became a subcultural icon which is now used to make a fashion statement. Even though the Nike dunk became more of a cultural and fashion accessory the design of this shoe clearly shows that it was intended to be used during high intensity basketball games, the soul of the shoe is a lot wider and closer to the ground, these modifications decrease the weight of the shoe and effectively improve the performance of basketball players. The paneling structure was also revised in order to be more effective during blocking and pivoting.

The Nike Dunk was basically used to promote and launch Nike's College colors program in which the company sponsored many average basketball teams and provided them with this new line of shoe which were modified in order to match the colors of the basketball team uniform.

Some of the colleges and universities which participated in this "basketball sneaker revolution" were: the University of Maryland, the University of Nevada, the University of Iowa, St. John's University, the University of Michigan and many others. The production of the Nike dunk was on hold for several years until 1998 when it was relaunched, the 1998 and 2000 models featured a nylon tongue as well as arch supports which set those versions apart from today's models.

Unlike the Air Jordan's, the Dunks have been produced in mass in order to accommodate and adapt to the growing demand, ironically enough special editions of Nike Dunks often fetch very high prices in the online market, if you are an online buyer who visits auction sites you may have noticed the some of shoes in this sneakers line called "What the dunks" may be sold for as much as $1800, which is the highest price recorded in an auction site which relates to a sports shoe, in this case Nike Dunks.

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